Sanji's Filling Food

Sanji's Filling Food

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Caimie's Delicious Clams

-44 Left- Caimie’s Delicious Clams
Creamy and steamed in sake

Serves 4
500g Hamaguri (common orient) clams; may substitute manila clams
¼ (50g) onion
1 clove garlic
100 mL white wine
dash white pepper
1 tbsp butter
50 mL heavy cream
Italian parsley (as needed)
rice (as desired)

[How to Cook]
Soak clams in salt water “of the same saltiness as the sea” for 2-3 hours, while covered with aluminum foil (or something to create a dark environment) to allow sand to be washed out.
Thinly slice onion, cut the garlic in half lengthwise, remove any sprouts, and smash with the flat side of a kitchen knife. Coarsely chop Italian parsley.
Put clams, onion, garlic and white wine in a covered frying pan and heat. When clams open, add white pepper and butter. Finally, stir in the heavy cream (A). Sprinkle with parsley after plating. The remaining sauce can be added to rice and eaten like risotto.

Zoro: Sake first!

Caimie: Today’s clam dish!
Papague: Wah, Caimie’s delicious clams!

Usopp: Isn’t that shellfish?!

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