Sanji's Filling Food

Sanji's Filling Food

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cindry-Chan's Pudding

-78- Cindry-Chan’s Pudding
A simple pudding that can be made with few ingredients

makes 5, 100mL pudding cups
3 eggs
6 tbsp sugar
390mL milk
1/3 stalk vanilla bean (vanilla extract OK)
caramel sauce
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp water

[How to Cook]
① First, we’ll make the caramel sauce. Add sugar and 1 tbsp water to frying pan and cook over medium heat. Swirl the pan to mix the contents. Cook until it reaches a caramel color (A). Add 1 tbsp water. Pour into pudding cups and refrigerate.
② Run a knife down the length of the vanilla bean, and remove seeds (B). Put vanilla beans and milk in a pot and heat to 50°C.
③ Mix egg and sugar in a bowl. Add to ②’s pot. After mixing, strain through a colander or strainer.
④ When the caramel from ① has hardened, pour in ③’s egg mixture. Remove any bubbles with a spoon and cover with aluminum foil.
⑤ Place ④ in a steamer. Put on steamer cover, but not tightly, keeping a gap open on each side with a cooking chopstick (C). Steam on low 15-20 minutes. Poke with a bamboo skewer. If hard, allow to cool, then chill in refrigerator.

Sanji: I’d bet my life on this caramel!!

Cindry: Here, have some pudding.
Dr. Hogback: Eh? Hang on, Cindry-chan, things like pudding need to go on plates.

               You didn’t do it!!

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