Sanji's Filling Food

Sanji's Filling Food

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Early Summer "Paiyu"

-54- Early Summer “Paiyu*”
Thinly sliced and fried potatoes

serves 4
3 potatoes (450g)
60g shredded cheese
vegetable oil (as needed)
salt (as needed)

[How to Cook]
Chop potatoes into thin sticks. Place potatoes in a bowl with cheese and mix (A).
Heat a good amount of oil into a frying pan. Place ¼ of the potatoes in the pan. Cook over low heat for 7-8 min. Flip and cook the opposite side 7-8 min. Cook until both sides are crunchy (B). If you get distracted while they’re frying, they could turn out badly, so be careful. After they’re cooked, remove excess oil with a paper towel and salt.
Repeat 3 times with the remaining potatoes.

Sanji: Don’t get distracted while frying!
Nami: Sanji-kun! I can’t stop eating them!

I made some potato paiyu, mademoiselle, if you please.

*potato cut like mugiwara (straw) and fried

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