Sanji's Filling Food

Sanji's Filling Food

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Top Class Sea Chef
Sanji’s Filling Food


Let’s eat!
Quick stomach filling food
Too hungry to start? How about some stamina-giving power food?! Rice, bread and pasta will give you a stomach-filling power explosion! It will help you out of every pinch! Eat to your heart’s content! Become energetic! Yosh, let’s continue forward!

First, meat!
Hearty! Meat recipes
My crew’s best stamina source and favorite food, meat, meat, meat! Here to answer your hunger! Though it comes from the wild, through my ready and quick recommendations, it can become healthy! Turn the pages and savor the meat world!

Have you heard of All Blue?
Beginners are okay! Fish cooking
Cooking fish is hard? No way. If you use these tips, it’s a cinch. With this recipe, both assholes and ladies can cook it sufficiently! From the foundation to the application, it will be perfectly impressed into your head!

Anyway, 1 = vegetables, 2 = vegetables, 3 = vegetables!!!
Healthy vegetable recipes
Vegetables are a secret medicine that beautifies, not only your body, but also your heart! For the sake of all ladies, I tried to make them low in calories while still filling! As each and every recipe can be made quickly and easily, you can eat them every day!

I’m glad everyone’s safe! Now, time to cook!
Big satisfaction! Plentiful Food!
Hamburger, curry, yakisoba… I’m certain this bold, meat-heavy cooking will satisfy my crew, no matter how hungry! When everyone’s getting thin and weak, these special techniques will leave them fully loaded!

Dishes for the ladies!
Light desserts

After eating to your heart’s content, you’ll want dessert, right? This line up is easy to make, even the most complex and special ladies’ hearts will melt. If you learn to make them well, your live will definitely become “rose-colored.”


  1. Hey! I just discovered your blog and I would like to say thank you very much! I've started studying Japanese about a year ago and I thought I would get Sanji's cookbook in Japanese but boy, is it difficult!... Thank you for your life-saving translations!

  2. You’re so welcome! I’m glad to see people are still discovering this years later!